Who We Work With

Vertical Health has enjoyed the privilege of working with more than 500 brands across our categories.

Pharmaceutical brands, medical device companies and the agencies that represent them are, understandably, demanding. The importance of reaching the right audience with an informational, yet carefully vetted message at the right time is tantamount. There are many challenges in healthcare marketing that are unique to our industry (as anyone reading this knows too well). At Vertical Health, we welcome these challenges and have been able to thrive in this unique environment.  Our mission is so critical—to educate and inform patients and professionals with the goal of improving health—that it is imperative to develop a creative and comprehensive solution to any obstacle or hurdle, no matter how great.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with so many talented marketers and educators in pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies and healthcare agencies around the country. Please feel free to contact us for examples of our work and/or case studies.